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Elementary school Stiv Naumov

Motto of the school

" The school-the place where we build respect, trust and cooperation "

-Elementary school Stiv Naumov is located in the eastern part of the city of Skopje and was founded in 1948
-Nowadays,“Stiv Naumov” is a nine-year elementary school with around 890 students, 55 teachers, a pedagogist, a psychologist and a special educator are part of the educational process in our school
-Educators have the training, support, flexibility, and resources to support and encourage all students with diverse needs and learning styles
-They improve their skills by a continuous professional development

The curriculum is applied throughout:
-regular classes- with modern approach and methods
-additional classes-for students who need additional help with learning
-extracurricular activities- for students who want to learn more
-subject choice
-school clubs for each subject

Material resources and technical support

-a well equipped library where students can use the books for free
-school classrooms: chemistry, science, biology, IT, languages, art and music education
-a modern gym
-a football playground with artificial grass
-assistive technology is also part of teaching

Mission of the school

Encouraging the students’ critical thinking in the learning process according to their abilities and capabilities
to build togetherness in multicultural society

Vision of the school
We will improve the students’ achievements through the practice of modern educational approaches, thus respecting their individual capabilities and abilities, with one aim- promotion of their knowledge in the local and wider multiethnic community


1.Working with students with special needs and students with difficulties in the learning process
2.Developing the skill for solving problems through critical thinking

School projects implementations

-Ecological education in the educational system
-Interethnic integration in education
-Resilience project-strengthening children’s capacities for violence prevention
-21st Century Schools
-Erasmus+ projects: K1 & K2
-Ka101 partner school with elementary school “Krum Tosev”. The aim is raising awareness of inclusive education
-International project Entrepreneurial learning, exchanging experiences and ideas with elementary schools from Croatia

Inclusive education

-One of the school’s priorities is the implementation of inclusive education which provides better quality education for the students and enables every child to develop a positive understanding of themselves and others, regardless of their differences, culture and abilities
-The school’s inclusion team creates inclusive policy and prepares individualized education programs for each student with special educational needs, according to their abilities and interests
-Our school practices inclusive teaching very successfully which means that it actively involves all children by utilising various ways of teaching and promotes diversity

Students’ participation

-The student parliament actively takes part in representing and promoting students' rights and interests, it promotes the student's activism and gives ideas about extracurriculum activities
-It also participates in the school evaluation
-It organizes and takes part in humanitarian activities, eco activities and socially useful productive work
-Students and their parents participate in setting learning goals and take part in decisions that affect them

The school follows the modern tendencies and practices in the area of the education and through planning activities contributes to the development of all students.
Our school develops its quality every year and learns from its experience.

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