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State secondary school for education and rehabilitation „Partenija Zografski“

State secondary school for education and rehabilitation „Partenija Zografski“ - Skopje is a school for secondary vocational education for students with special educational needs (impaired hearing). The main activity of the Center is: education, rehabilitation, professional and vocational training of students with impaired hearing from R. of Macedonia. DUCOR „Partenija Zografski" Skopje is the only secondary school for students with impaired hearing in R. Macedonia. The beginnings of the Centre are found in the far 1955 when the Center verified the activity called "Expert Assistant school with practical training“.

The last period is characterized as a period of steady growth, creating quality conditions for realization of the contents of the activity, providing space requirements, material-technical equipment, provision of modern teaching didactic means, technical aids and appliances. The school as a complex dynamic system is an important social institution. The new socio-political and economic changes in the country, as well as changes in the environment imposed new views, content, belief and behavior and many dilemmas and challenges in achieving the educational process. To these changes should be added to the process of decentralization of education which in turn imposes changes in several segments of the education system. Practical instruction is implemented in tree workshops for carpeting, machining and textile occupation.

Its main activities are through education and vocational training to ensure a systematic way of teaching students, fostering and promoting their intellectual, physical, esthetic, social, moral and spiritual development in accordance with their abilities and tendencies. To develop students' awareness of nationality and national identity. To educate students in accordance with general cultural and civic values, human rights and children's rights, enable them to live in a multicultural world, respect diversity and tolerance, and actively and responsibly participate in the democratic development of society. To ensure students acquire basic and professional competencies, to enable them to live and work in a changing socio-cultural context according to market economy requirements, contemporary information technology and scientific knowledge and achievements. To enable students for lifelong learning.

Our school is environment witch support the individual development of the students as well as the professional development of the teaching staff.

The scope of the school is based upon the student`s right, multiculturalism, individuality, efficiency, health and safety, security wherein all the students will prosper due to their individual capabilities and the efficient participation of all involved subjects.

Our students belong to a social medium-low level, with a poor socioeconomic and cultural background and the Erasmus+ project will offer them the chance to discover other cultures, languages, countries, meet other people and develop the European identity.

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