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Project Predict was presented in the Macedonian National Radio and Television program "World of Silence"


On February 13, 2021, Mr. Nikola Kletnikov, coordinator of the PREDICT project and Ms. Frederika Tasevska, representative of DUKOR Partenija Zogravski, participated in the morning program of the Macedonian National Radio and Television "World of Silence" for the presentation of the PREDICT project. The event was re-shown on February 16, 2021. During the event were presented the objectives of the project PREDICT, achieved results from the intellectual output 1 "Creating a methodological framework (training and research on the desktop) in relation to inclusive training of children, youth and people with disabilities" and intellectual output 2 "Development and implementation of innovative and accessible for people with disabilities OER ”as well as planned activities in the future. The program is dedicated to the hearing impaired people and the whole event was synchronized with sign language understandable to the hearing impaired people.
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