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Project Predict consortium was in Skopje for the Kick-Off Meeting of PREDICT, an Erasmus+ Project


Project Predict consortium was in Skopje on January 15th for the Kick-Off Meeting of PREDICT: Prevention of Disasters ICT (Informatic and Computer Technology), a Project co-founded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission, Key Action 2.

PREDICT is implemented by a Consortium of 5 Partners from 3 European countries (The Republic of North Macedonia, Bulgaria and Spain).
The main objective of PREDICT project is promoting culture of disaster risk prevention within a community through education about disasters, public awareness and trainings.
All the deliverables of the project will be presented and structured in an accessible and target-oriented OER platform.

During the meeting, Partners presented their organizations and role in the project, activities plan, human resources involved and the budget plan. Moreover legal, financial, administrative and methodological issues were discussed and the OER platform was presented.
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