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Mobile App

Mobile App

The tangible result of this output is an innovative mobile application for the accessible OER use. This will be the first time a mobile application for accessible OER will be developed and here lies its innovative value.

The application will be available in Macedonian, Bulgarian, Spanish and English. Its features will include: event management, taking quizzes, assessments, exercises, on-line surveys, document sharing, discussion forums, the opportunity to build a collaborative knowledge base and a multimedia content library, and it will provide access to content and assignments off-line.

The impact value increases because of the opportunity for every person to access the OER via a mobile application. This mobile app will feature a complete and accessible mobile OER, which will be fully integrated with the full web-experience, and the rapid publishing system.

The creation of a mobile application will allow delivery of the learning and performance support on devices that learners carry - different types of smart-phones and tablets. In this manner, the transferability potential is in the chance to deliver knowledge to the right person at the right time on the device they already use.