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Learn more on how to react in case of earthquake


Learn more on how to react in case of floods


Learn more on how to react in case of fires

Welcome to Predict Project

Disasters vary in nature and magnitude, and there is a need to capture knowledge, experiences of previous disasters, lessons learned and promote culture of disaster risk prevention within a community.

The general objective for this project will be: Empowerment of an inclusive access and non-discriminatory participation of children, youth and persons with disability in disaster risk prevention and incorporation of disaster risk knowledge in formal and non-formal education...

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What We Offer

PREDICT project will provide the following added-value functionalities

Safety First

This is what we want to teach with predict

Adapted material

Predict's consortium will develop target adapted materials

Defined Framework

Predict's consortium will define the most appropriate framework

Mobile App

Predict's consortium will develop a dedicated mobile app


Predict's consortium will develop gamification tools to help prevention

Learning by playing

This is our motto

PREvention of Disasters ICT

Latest News

Here you will find all latest news and events related to Predict Project. Stay tuned!


The third Transnational Project Meeting of the Predict Project was held in Malaga on May 10, 2022.

The 3rd Transnational Project Meeting was celebrated in IT Solutions for All facilities in Malaga, Spain, on May 10, 2022. Predict is an EU co-funded project that aims to empower inclusive access of children, youth and persons with disability in disaster risk prevention. And incorporate disaster risk knowledge in formal and non-formal education by creating a novel training approach using OER and gamification. The meeting was attended by representatives of the five institutions from three countries (North Macedonia, Bulgaria and Spain) which make up the consortium. The main objectives of the Transnational Project Meeting were to recap and summarise all activities developed during the project implementation: Summary of the IO's activities: Create a methodological framework for inclusive training of children, young and persons with disabilities. Development and implementation of innovative and accessible OER Platform. Creation of a mobile application Creation of games (Gamification) Summary of the two multiplier events celebrated and planning for the third multiplier event to be held. Overview of the activities held during the C1 Activity (train of trainers) Project management and implementation, financial and administrative tasks. Discussion on the final report and supporting documents to submit (financial report, management, narrative report, dissemination report). Overview and evaluation of the Project's overall implementation, quality of the outputs, results, communication, and collaboration among partners. Impact of the Project, new ideas and further collaboration between partners. The meeting was held throughout the day, and all the topics on the agenda were discussed. All members of the consortium were delighted with the evolution and goals achieved by the Project.


Project activity – C1 (training of trainers) within the ERASMUS + PREDICT project

In the period from 04th until 10th of April 2022, Partners of the ERASMUS + project PREDICT (Prevention of Disaster ICT) participated in the project activity-C1Training of trainers. The training was held in Sofia, Republic of Bulgaria, organized by the Directorate-General Fire Safety and Civil Protection, a partner institution in the project. Representatives of other partner institutions also participated in the training: representatives of the Military Academy "General Mihailo Apostolski" -Skopje, IT SOLUTION FOR ALL from Malaga, Spain; DCOR "Partenie Zografski" from Skopje, Republic of Northern Macedonia and PS "Steve Naumov from Skopje, Republic of Northern Macedonia


Project Predict was presented in the SITEL TV

On January 21, 2022, representatives from the State secondary school for education and rehabilitation „Partenija Zografski“ - Skopje, Mr. Milisav Jovanoski, principal of the Center, and Ms. Frederika Tasevska, teacher, had the honor to be guests in the morning program on Sitel TV, "I love Macedonia" in order to present the goals and objectives of the PREDICT project. They talked about the activities, as well as the many benefits of the project for children, young people, and especially for the hearing impaired. They pointed out that for the first time, open educational resources and video materials, adapted for the hearing impaired and translated into Macedonian sign language were created. Also, the project website as a first website also adapted for the hearing impaired was launched.


Realized ERASMUS+ project PREDICT activities

On October 28 and 29, 2021 in Sofia, R. Bulgaria, representatives from Military Academy and partner institutions realized two work activities (Transnational meeting and Multiplier event) were held within the project PREDICT - Prevention of Disaster ICT (Informatics and Computer Technology) from the ERASMUS + program of the European Union (KA 201 - Strategic Partnership for School Education). Meetings were in the organization of General Directorate Fire Safety and civil protection from Sofia, R. Bulgaria. At the transnational meeting, the project partners (representatives of institutions from the R.N. Macedonia, R. Bulgaria, and the Kingdom of Spain, discussed the project commitments realized so far, as well as the planned activities in the coming period. At the Multiplier event in two separate working sessions, the attendees (representatives of schools and other institutions close to the issues addressed in the project) were introduced to the goals and activities of the PREDICT project. At this event, the content of the lesson for the training of children, youth, and persons with disabilities in case of floods, fires, and earthquakes was also disseminated to the participants.


Project Predict was presented in the Macedonian National Radio and Television program "World of Silence"

On February 13, 2021, Mr. Nikola Kletnikov, coordinator of the PREDICT project and Ms. Frederika Tasevska, representative of DUKOR Partenija Zogravski, participated in the morning program of the Macedonian National Radio and Television "World of Silence" for the presentation of the PREDICT project. The event was re-shown on February 16, 2021. During the event were presented the objectives of the project PREDICT, achieved results from the intellectual output 1 "Creating a methodological framework (training and research on the desktop) in relation to inclusive training of children, youth and people with disabilities" and intellectual output 2 "Development and implementation of innovative and accessible for people with disabilities OER ”as well as planned activities in the future. The program is dedicated to the hearing impaired people and the whole event was synchronized with sign language understandable to the hearing impaired people.


Project Predict was presented in the T.V show Macedonia in the morning.

On 21. of November 2020 Mr. Nikola Kletnikov, Coordinator of the PREDICT project and Mrs. Frederika Tasevska representative from DUCOR Partenija Zogravski participated in the morning program of the Macedonian National Radio and Television „Macedonia in the morning“ During the event, were presented the concept and goals of the PREDICT project, achieved results from Intellectual Output 1 “Creation of a methodological framework (training and desktop research) regarding inclusive training of children, youth, and persons with disabilities” and Intellectual Output 2 „Development and Implementation of innovative and accessible for persons with disabilities OER“ and planned activities in the future.


Presented results from Erasmus+ project PREDICT

On 26.11.2020 in hotel Holiday Inn in Skopje a multiplier event was held in the scope of the PREDICT project - Prevention of Disasters ICT (informatics and computer technologies) implemented within the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union (KA201-Strategic Partnership for school education). During the multiplier event, there was a presentation of the results from the research conducted within Intellectual Output 1 “Creation of a methodological framework (training and desktop research) regarding inclusive training of children, youth, and persons with disabilities”. The results referred to the curricula analyses in primary, secondary and special schools in Macedonia, Spain and Bulgaria, analyses of semi-structured interviews with experts from schools, crisis management, and protection and rescue institutions in the mentioned countries, as well as research questionnaires filled-in by participants with or without disabilities in the role of students and pupils in primary, secondary, and special schools in each of the countries. Beside the representatives from project partner institutions, the event was also attended by representatives from the Ministry of Defense, Crisis Management Center, Radiation Safety Directorate, “Ss. Cyril and Methodius” University, Institute of Special Education and Rehabilitation, “St. Clement of Ohrid” University, Faculty of Security, representatives from primary and secondary schools, and NGOs. The Military Academy “General Mihailo Apostolski” is the coordinating institution in this international project, which also includes the participation of the IT company IT SOLUTIONS FOR ALL from Malaga, Spain, the Chief Directorate Fire Safety and Civil Protection from Sofia, Bulgaria, as well as the primary school “Stiv Naumov” from Skopje, and the state school center for education and rehabilitation “Partenij Zografski” from Skopje. Nikola Kletnikov, MA from the Military Academy is the Project Coordinator. The aim of the project is to empower improvement of the inclusive approach and non-discriminating participation of children, youth, and persons with disabilities in prevention and crisis situations and risks management via formal and informal education, training, as well as by creating a mobile application adapted to different age groups and different types of disabilities.


Predict Natural Disaster Response Training

Project Predict continues making progress towards its goal, which is to become an effective tool for young children and people with disabilities to know how to react in case of disasters, mainly fires, earthquakes and floods. To this aim, training modules are being developed that are affordable and accessible to the target population. Besides, the project will also include an interactive video game to make learning more attractive to children and a complete app to be able to access it easily from any mobile device. The website of the Predict project is already open to the public, you can visit it following this link http://www.projectpredict.eu/ The Predict project is being carried out by a consortium of 5 partners from 3 European countries, North Macedonia, Spain and Bulgaria.


Productive meeting of the Predict consortium

The Military Academy „General Mihailo Apostolski“ Skopje, Associate member of University „Goce Delcev“ Stip, Republic of North Macedonia in partnership with Directorate-General Fire Safety and Civil Protection, Sofia, Bulgaria; DUCOR „Partenija Zografski“ , Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia; ASOCIACION IT SOLUTIONS FOR ALL, Malaga, Spain and OU „Stiv Naumov“, Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia has developed application and is working in the ERASMUS + project “PREvention of DIsasters ICT (Informatic and Computer Technology) PREDICT”. Within the framework of the PREDICT project, in the period from 14-16 of January, 2020 in Skopje in the facilities of the partner institution DUCOR„Partenija Zografski“, the consortium had the first transnational meeting (Kick-of meeting).


Project Predict consortium was in Skopje for the Kick-Off Meeting of PREDICT, an Erasmus+ Project

Project Predict consortium was in Skopje on January 15th for the Kick-Off Meeting of PREDICT: Prevention of Disasters ICT (Informatic and Computer Technology), a Project co-founded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission, Key Action 2. PREDICT is implemented by a Consortium of 5 Partners from 3 European countries (The Republic of North Macedonia, Bulgaria and Spain). The main objective of PREDICT project is promoting culture of disaster risk prevention within a community through education about disasters, public awareness and trainings. All the deliverables of the project will be presented and structured in an accessible and target-oriented OER platform. During the meeting, Partners presented their organizations and role in the project, activities plan, human resources involved and the budget plan. Moreover legal, financial, administrative and methodological issues were discussed and the OER platform was presented.